Day: October 25, 2019

Moving a Wine Collection Process: A Sensitive Merchandise

Moving a Wine Collection Process: A Sensitive Merchandise

Like most cases related to food transportation, wine transportation needs to meet a number of characteristics. In particular, this liquid is delicate to temperature changes. Heat is a factor that especially worries all participants in the logistics chain. The quality of the wine can be seriously damaged if the proper temperature is not maintained, especially when long journeys are made. Usually, the moving of this merchandise is done with trucks that allow temperature control. If the route is short, it is sometimes possible to move wine without these systems. Simply anticipate the route according to the weather conditions and choose the right period with low temperatures (such as a night). The appropriate temperature ranges between 10ºC and 15ºC. If the temperature in the box is higher than that it can cause a premature maturation of the wine. 

On the other hand, bottled wine acquires another peculiarity: the danger of breakage. In general, this product is usually bottled in glass containers, although there are other possibilities such as plastic that reduces the risk of breakage. To avoid this problem, numerous containers and different types of boxes have been developed that propose to solve this risk factor. Some of the proposed solutions are: 

  • Using of bottle containers with screw mounting and clamping systems. In this way, the container can be set. 
  • Filling the gaps that occur between the pallets. It is intended for avoiding merchandise movement and inclinations that may occur in the truck. 
  • Installation of modular roller systems to move loads. Sliding platforms are generated to facilitate loading and unloading of merchandise. 
  • Using of moving boxes, with special reinforcements and cameras between bottles to prevent breakage. 

You can visit websites of moving companies that specializing on such services and tell your needs and what is your product and its specialized team will offer you the best solution according to your properties, destination, and transit times, optimizing your loads and reducing your costs with an exhaustive care of the product. 


There are different strategies focused on the needs of each load, discover the options so that your wines and spirits reach their destination in the optimal conditions: 

Marine transport 

Complete container: perfect for large loads of bottled or packaged products. 

LCL sea grouping: ideal if you need to send small quantities such as sending samples to anywhere in the world. 

Flexitank: it is an efficient and safe shipping system for bulk liquids. It allows transporting between 10,000 and 24,000 liters. 

Air transport for wines and spirits 

Ideal for urgent shipments of goods such as samples for customers, stock for fairs, or any delivery you wish to make in the minimum time. 

Door to door service 

Agile and efficient for the delivery of merchandise combining truck and train with sea or air transport. 

Temperature control and load protection 

Factors such as humidity, light and temperature changes can seriously affect the properties of the wines, therefore, you should use additional packaging materials of the highest quality, helping to protect your liquids at all times during transport and guaranteeing that they arrive in perfect condition until their destination: 

  • Humidity controllers. 
  • Temperature gauges 
  • Airbags for cargo protection. 


Try to find moving company that combines years of experience and deep knowledge in the handling of wine and spirits, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition until their final destination. Whether you need to import or export, take advantage of others experience in logistics, obtaining competitive advantages.