Day: September 23, 2019

Quality Factor 3rd Wine Climate

Quality Factor 3rd Wine Climate

If we take a look at a world map, we note that the leading producers of quality wines have their wine regions located between parallels 30 ° and 50 °, ie, climate regions semitemperado Mediterranean type. 

This is explained by the fact that the grapes used in winemaking not adapt to extreme temperatures, ie, very cold winters and very hot summers. 

In addition, to perform satisfactorily its annual cycle, the vine needs low temperatures in winter to allow her to rest and gradually increase during vegetative cycle, accompanied by good sunshine. 

The vegetative cycle of the vine is composed of three phases: 

the – Hibernate – Occurs in winter – November to March in the northern hemisphere, and from May to August in the southern hemisphere – the period in which the plant hibernates. The cold temperature is welcome, but without exaggeration, and should not pass the 15 ° Celsius. 

b – Flowering – Occurs in spring – May to June in the northern hemisphere and from September to October in the southern hemisphere. During this period, the plant needs a lot of sun for the occurrence of maturation. When there are strong winds and frosts in late spring, they are extremely harmful to the production of good grapes. 

c – Fruiting – The fruiting takes place in the months of August and September in the northern hemisphere, and December and January in the southern hemisphere, when the sun and high temperatures are extremely desirable. Rains at the end of fruiting are feared because they can cause rotting of grapes.