Day: September 20, 2019

Grape Wine Semillon: varieties and regions

Grape Wine Semillon: varieties and regions

Alone or accompanied, produces a wine that ages well. With Sauvignon Blanc, is the basis of Sauternes and most major dry wines of Graves and Pessac-Léognan, all very rich and remembering honey. The Sémillon grape is susceptible to attack by Botrytis cinerea, hence its use in the production of sweet wines. 

In Australia alone is employed to produce a full-bodied dry white wine. South Africa has played an important role, but had a significant decline in recent years. It is quite planted in Chile. 

Aromas and flavors: vary with the combinations with other grapes, but we can say that the most common are: grass, citrus, lanolin, honey and toast.

Main red varieties and white Vitis vinifera and the regions where they are produced. 
Variety TypeRegion 
Aligoté France (Burgundy), Russia 
Alvarinho Portugal (Vinho Verde) 
Barbera Italy (Piedmont), California 
Bonarda Italy (Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna) 
Cabernet Franc France (Bordeaux St. Emilion, Loire) 
Cabernet Sauvignon France (Bordeaux, Médoc, Graves), California, Chile, Australia, South Africa and other regions. 
Canaiolo Italy (Tuscany) 
Carignan France (Côtes du Rhône, Provence, Languedoc), Spain, Italy, California 
Carmenère France (Bordeaux), Chile 
Chardonnay France (Burgundy, Champagne), California, Chile, Australia, New Zealand 
Chasselas (Fendant) France (Alsace, Loire), Germany (Baden), Switzerland 
Chenin Blanc (Steen) France (Loire), California, South Africa 
Gamay France (Beaujolais) 
Gewürztraminer France (Alsace), Germany, Italy (North), California 
Grenache (Alicante, Garnacha, Cannonau) France (Côtes du Rhône, Provence, Languedoc), Sardinia, Spain (Rioja), Portugal, Calif. 
Grignolino Italy (Piedmont) 
Lambrusco Italy (Emilia-Romagna) 
Malbec (Côte France (Cahors), Argentina, Chile 
Malvasia (Malmsey) Mediterranean, Madeira 
Merlot France (Bordeaux: Pomerol, St Emilion), Italy (North) 
Müller Thurgau Germany 
Muscadelle France (Bordeaux) 
Muscat Mediterranean, France, Spain, Australia 
Nebbiolo Italy (Piemonte, Lombardia) 
Palomino Spain (Jerez) 
Petit Verdot France (Bordeaux) 
Petite Syrah France, California 
Pinot Blanc France (Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace), Germany, Italy (North), California, Chile 
Pinot Noir France (Burgundy, Champagne), Germany, California, Chile 
Riesling italics Italy (North), Eastern Europe 
Rhine Riesling Germany, France (Alsace), Austria, California, Chile 
Sangiovese (Sangioveto Italy (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna) 
Sauvignon Blanc France (Bordeaux Loire), California, Chile, New Zealand 
Sémillon France (Bordeaux: Sauternes), California, Chile, Australia 
Syrah (Shiraz) France (Rhone, Provence, Languedoc), South Africa, Australia 
Silvaner Germany, France (Alsace), Italy (North), California 
Tempranillo Spain (Rioja), Portugal 
Touriga Nacional Portugal (Douro and Dão) 
Touriga Francesa Portugal (Douro) 
Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc, St. Émilion) Italy (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Lombardia), France (Cognac, Provence) 
Vernaccia Italy (Liguria, Marche, Tuscany, Sardinia) 
Zinfandel California