Day: September 18, 2019

Vegetative cycle of the vine

Vegetative cycle of the vine

The vine is a plant hibernating, or require a period of absolute rest, of lethargy. During this period she yields to natural phenomena and retracts. Loses its leaves and falls into a kind of vegetable decrepitude. He is left with only the reserves accumulated during the growing season ended. With these reservations it must keep, and then rise again. 

In general the vines go dormant in winter. It is, in most cases, the appropriate moment – cold, lack of light and air; sleeping and expose yourself as little as possible. A timeout.

For two or three months vine await the moment in which the temperature will rise. Then, gradually begin to open. Enters the spring, and starts to open up and develop to form and these fruits grow. Summer (time of summer) assist the fruited vine vigorous and also will witness the moment of harvest and fruit drop temporões. Only, when the fruits fall, summer will already be watching from afar and who will be approaching the autumn, accompanied by the natural decrease of the temperature. The cycle will be closed again and the vine again, 


The cycle lasts about 130-140 days. It is counted from the pruning and the count is only interrupted when the vine begins to fructify. The species that have the number of days of the cycle below the average are called early and having the above are calls late.