Day: September 16, 2019

Function Of The Different Parts Of The Vine

Function Of The Different Parts Of The Vine

Function Of The Branches Of The Vine

Also called sticks, branches are organs expansive vine. Fixing on it the leaves, flowers and subsequently the fruits. The branches of the vine are segmented by us, which is equivalent to spatially leaves potential. Have up the branch alternately, that is, every node present in a given first, followed by a second, opposite side. Also leaves with the same thing happens.

Function Gems Vine

The gems are embryonic organs that give rise to branches. Are arranged by the stem and, at a second level, by the branches. Are covered with protective scales and bloom during budding. Divided into vegetative buds and fruit or germ.

Gems germ. 

Gems germ are those that aroused result in fruitful branches. Characterized by being rounded and bulky.

Vegetative buds. 

The vegetative buds are smaller and pointed. Them derive the suckers that do not produce fruit or supply of poor quality.

Function Vine Leaves

The vine leaf area is large and its leaves are complete. Have limbo, sheath and petiole. The petiole is the part that league limbo – the body of the sheet – the branches. The leaves are responsible for photosynthesis, the process by which the crude sap absorbed by the roots will be transformed into elaborated sap. The sap is drawn up a solution of water with organic materials.

Leaves, the sap will be forwarded to the rest of the plant through the vessels Liberians. On the sheet will remain only the reserve starch, which, with the emergence of the fruit will be diverted in part to him, and subsequently transformed into sugars in ripening.

Function Vine Flower

The flower is the reproductive organ of the vine. In the vine blossoms present in the form of clusters. Hundreds of flowers, which after selfed give rise to fruits. The vine is a hermaphrodite plant, ie it autofecunda. In their flowers are both male organ as female. There is therefore need for pollination so that the fruits are generated. Still cross-fertilization is possible and is self fertilization. Witness the hybrid varieties, which mostly are developed thanks to the interference of man. This type of pollination occurs when the flowers the vine is borne insects.

Function Of The Fruit Of The Vine

On the vine, the fruits – or berries – are presented in clusters. This grouping in the form of cluster is possible thanks a skeleton called rachis. In many species the clusters vary in shape, compactness (intensity of distress with which berries are arranged in the bunch) and size.

The rachis allows fruits or berries present themselves grouped in clusters.

The Function Of The Grape Skins

The film has a protective function. Involves the pulp and prevents natural phenomena acting directly on it. It is coated by a substance called waxy bloom. The bloom gives more strength to the film and reduces the possibility of cracking. 

Also it protects the skin of the fruit of excessive sunlight and contact with wind-borne microorganisms.